Imagine arriving at the waterfront, opening our app and "summoning" your HAVEN...

A gliding sliver of a vessel comes to whisk you away to a restful spot on the water. You're immediately brought into harmony with nature for a rejuvenating hour in fresh air and open space.

After a relaxing session of any number of activities, from meditation to fitness or dining, your HAVEN vessel drops you back at dock and you go about your day completely refreshed.

On-demand. Experience-driven. Welcome to your Haven.

Vision for the future

We are exploring advancements in maritime autonomy technology to heighten our user experience, and optimize our operations. We are taking a multi-phased approach to developing solutions over a 5-10 year timeline.


Onboard Captains and Data Gathering

Phase I will use onboard captains for each vessel as we establish our user base,  scale our fleet, and multiply our locations. We will begin gathering large amounts of data, generated from onboard instruments and sensors, that will help us model optimized operational plans.


Test Remote-Piloting with Onboard & Remote Captains

Phase II will involve the integration of early stage autonomy technology so we can begin testing both auto-piloting by onboard captains as well as remote-piloting from captains stationed in an onshore or mothership control station.


Activate final solutions

Phase III will continue to employ the latest advancements in autonomous tech as we determine which technology solution(s) best fits our needs. Our captains will continue piloting the vessels onboard or remotely as we attempt to move to a more private user experience on each vessel and optimize our operations.

Remote-Piloting Partners

Summer Pilot Partner

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