How Haven works

Haven lets you enjoy dozens of activities on the water. From instructor-led fitness classes to happy hour with your friends to a private meditation escape - join or create what appeals to you with our app.

Using Haven is easy


Book through the app

Simply open our app, select a date, time, and activity, and make your reservation


Invite your friends

Easily add up to 5 guests to your reservation and they will receive an email invite



Arrive at our dock, step onto your Haven, and start your chosen activity

What kinds of sessions can I book with Haven?

Unhosted sessions
Take a rest day and use your points to book an escape for meditation, hobbies etc on a shared boat...
Hosted sessions
Instructor-led workouts, hobby or educational workshops, meetups, sightseeing tours on a shared boat...
(additional charge)
Private sessions
Reserve an entire boat for yourself and bring up to 5 guests for any experience you envision...

How do I use points to make reservations?

Use points to join sessions or book an entire boat
You can book as many reservations per week as your plan allows. Use points for yourself, your guests, or to reserve an entire boat.
Sessions are worth different point amounts
Vary based on peak vs non-peak voyages and stationary at marina.
Build your best lifestyle
Apply your points to assemble the lifestyle package you want.
Get more points when you need them
Purchase bundles if you're having an active season or run out without changing your plan.

Common Questions

If I use up all the points in my membership plan, can I buy more points?

Yes, if you have an active season and run out of points, you can easily purchase a bundle of extra points.

If I have unused points at the end of the season, do they roll over to the next season?

Yes, any unused points in your plan will rollover to the next year's season if you renew any of our membership plans.

Can I gift points to someone else?

Yes, you can gift points to someone else, but we process this manually and you'll need to contact us for identity verification.

What is Haven's cancellation policy?

Membership cancellations are currently allowed within 24 hours of sign-up.

What is Haven's refund policy?

Refunds are processed for membership cancellations made within 24 hours of initial sign-up.

Are food and drink allowed?

Yes, all food and drinks are allowed! In our effort to be a green organization, we simply ask that you try to minimize any disposable plastic containers and utensils and make sure to dispose of your waste at the end of each trip in the trash and recycle containers on the dock.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed for many of our daily trip sessions! Consult the schedule for availability. We offer special doggie orientation sessions each week during which your dog can get a chance to board one of our vessels while it remains at dock. These sessions allow your dog (and you) to gain comfort with the boats before going on a trip, and walk through our canine-specific rules and safety procedures. We do not provide doggie life jackets, but we encourage you to bring your own if you have an active dog.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, kids are allowed for many of our daily trip sessions! Consult the schedule for availability. Children under the age of 12 are required to wear life jackets in New York. We provide child life jackets in several sizes.

Is there a dress code?

No, there is no dress code. But we do encourage smart dressing. A hat is always a good idea. And there is always the possibility of some spray hitting the deck from the occasional boat passing by so we encourage water-resistant sneakers, sandals, and boat shoes. High heels and expensive leather products are not appropriate.