Hosts (Instructors, Coaches, Guides)

Bring your class, workshop, meetup or tour to the water

Common Questions

What kind of hosts do you approve?

Hosts that enrich our members' lives with quality and creative experiences.

Do I need to be a member in order to host a Haven session?


How do I get paid for hosting?

If you're approved after submitting the form above, we'll reach out to discuss and finalize the per person reservation prices for your experience. You'll receive a direct payout afterwards from Haven.

Do I need to bring my own paying guests?

We like to prioritize invitations to Haven members. If you would like to bring your own guests, you can discuss that with us when we reach out.

Does Haven promote my session to members?

Yes, we promote hosted series and events to our members via our blog, social media, and email updates, as well as on our booking calendar.