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Rhythm of Happiness with Caleb Spaulding (Series)

July 16, 2021
4 min

Rhythm of Happiness workshops and meditations facilitate mindfulness and presence to empower creativity and happiness.

How does it work?

Rhythm is a central part of the functioning of our bodies, communities, and lives. When we get stressed and overwhelmed, we get out of sync. In those moments, rhythm can be a powerful tool to help calm our anxious minds and regulate our nervous systems, so we can get out of survival mode and create the conditions to thrive.

Meditation in general is a great tool for reducing stress. Rhythm of Happiness meditations add new dimensions of guidance and support for those who are interested in alternatives to silent or voice guided meditations.

By providing a supportive space to process and release pent-up stress from the body, Rhythm of Happiness meditations empower people to be more present, creative, and open as individuals and collaborators.

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